Extend Life of ISO-KF Seals in High Temperature Applications

You can extend the service life of ISO-KF seals in high temperature applications by switching from generic fluoroelastomers (FKM) such as Viton, to perfluoroelastomers (FFKM), and by ensuring the seal is properly sized. ISO-KF (or ISO-QF or ISO-NW) type flange

Choosing Between Two-LEG and Three-LEG Control for 3-Phase Applications

If you wish to control 3-phase heaters require power controllers, how do you decide which method of control to select? ‘Two-leg versus three-leg control’ and ‘zero cross versus phase-angle control need to be considered.’ The following will help you decide when each method

Power Control Devices: Selecting the Best Switching Method

There are many factors to consider when choosing a power control device. The role of the output device is to receive a signal from the temperature controller and switch electric current ON and OFF to the heater. When possible, it

Vacuum Technology: How Residual Gas Analyzers Can Help You

Residual Gas Analyzers (RGAs) are quadrupole mass spectrometers that provide for routine, fast, wide dynamic range measurements of the partial pressures of the species resident in your vacuum chamber or system. Vacuum levels can be analyzed from as low as

Vacuum Technology Basics: Many Different Levels of “Vacuum”

The term “vacuum,” as it pertains to the use of vacuum to study its effects or to enable something to happen in a high technology sense, has a broad range of definitions and sub-categories. Two very different definitions are: 1. a space entirely devoid of matter.

Vacuum Technology: How to Select an Exhaust Effluent Trap

There are two common ways to deal with process exhaust effluent: heating the forelines and components to maintain the effluent in a gaseous state until it enters the scrubber, or trapping the effluent in a place where you can access