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Water Vapor Pumps

For the best films and fastest pumping times, it is critical to remove water vapor from the process environment. The Telemark closed-cycle Cryochillers provide efficient water vapor pumping with lower total operating costs than liquid nitrogen. Telemark offers cryochillers in a number of sizes and capacities, with single and dual channel models available.

Cryochiller Models

3600 Cryochiller Model
Cryochiller Models

Telemark cryochillers provide efficient closed-loop cryogenic refrigeration for water vapor pumping with cooling capacities from 1200W to 3600W. Telemark cryochillers support state of the art communications and full system integration. The digital control package operates at 24V and contains a battery backup. On-board RS-232, RS-486 and Ethernet communications will meet your remote operation needs and supports complete data-logging.  Analog system control is also available. The back-lit on-cabinet LCD screen readouts allow rapid scrolling through all available monitor points. Likewise, all available monitor points can be sent remotely to a deposition controller for automated operation.