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E-Beam Products

The widest selection of electron beam sources comes from Telemark. We have invested significant effort to ensure the best beam geometry and performance of our sources. Small research sources and large production sources contain the very best in magnetic design and build quality. The strict attention to magnetic design improves material usage and ensures high film repeatability.

270⁰ beam deflection design is used on all Telemark sources and is state-of-the-art in ebeam technology. This ensures long filament life and longer run times before servicing.

Telemark also offers complete ebeam sources mounted on to flanges for easy installation and servicing.

Multi-Pocket Sources

Multi-Pocket Sources
Telemark Multi-Pocket Sources

Telemark offers the largest selection of multi-pocket electron beam sources on the market. Pocket sizes from 2cc to 100cc are available. Vacuum compatibility selections from 10-7 torr to 10-9 torr offer customers a one stop shop for all your multi-pocket source needs. Utilizing 270⁰ beam deflection, the Telemark sources are state-of-the-art in E-beam technology. Source options include traditional O-ring style or magnetic fluid feedthrough rotation. Installation kits, source shutters and pocket indexers can be supplied. Please contact Telemark with your e-beam source requirements for model and configuration assistance.

Single Pocket Sources

Telemark Single Pocket Sources
Single Pocket Sources

Telemark offers single pocket e-beam sources from 1.5cc to 160cc. Telemark single pocket source offerings include High Vacuum (10-7 torr) and Ultra High Vacuum (10-11 torr) models. UHV source are metal sealed construction and are bakeable to 250⁰C. Installation kits and source shutters can be supplied. Please contact Telemark for your e-beam source requirements for model and configuration assistance.

The “ultra” compact 508, 1.5cc source is UHV compatible and supplied on a 4.5” CFF flange for installation where effusion (K) cells are being used. The 508 source is perfect for refractory metals and high melting point materials in MBE environments.

Crucible-less Sources

Telemark Crucible-less Sources
Crucible-less Sources

For customers wishing to supply the crucible as part of their custom electron beam source (egun) mechanical assembly, the crucible-less sources offers a compact, cost-effective solution. End users can expect long filament life from these versatile sources, which can be supplied with optional arc-suppression.

Custom Flange Mounted Sources

Telemark Custom Flange Mounted Sources
Custom Flange Mounted Sources

Telemark sources can be supplied on custom side or bottom flange mounting for easy installation. Sources can be delivered with all feedthroughs installed, including HV, water, shutters, indexers, and sweep. Please contact Telemark for your custom source flange mounting needs designed for your needs.