RF Plasma

Proven, Versatile Technology for Industrial and Electronic Surface Treatment Applications

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RF plasma is the most widely used and versatile plasma technology and is applied to a broad spectrum of industrial and medical applications.

Material surfaces that require cleaning, coating or chemical modification are immersed into the energetic environment of an RF plasma. Here they are subjected to chemically reactive species that are carried to the surfaces by the directional effects of the RF plasma. These directional effects can carry momentum under the right conditions, physically removing the more inert surface contaminants and cross-linking polymers to lock the plasma treatment in place.

IoN Series

wThe IoN series gives you the performance your company needs with energetic RF plasma.  Whether you have material surfaces that require cleaning, coating, or chemical modification, please contact us to discuss your process requirements.


  • Plasma Photoresist Ashing
  • Edge isolation of solar cells by plasma etching
  • Gas Plasma Catheter Treatment
  • Improve cell adhesion to lab cultureware and bio assays
  • Gas plasma treatment adds patient comfort to contact lenses


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