Microwave Plasma

Microwave Plasma Systems for Silicon & Compound Semiconductors

Microwave generated plasma is the superior plasma technology for microchip fabrication.
The Microwave plasma creates an etching process, which is very isotropic and behaves very similar to a wet stripping process. The very high electron density and low kinetic ion energy make this process ideal for removal of polymers while causing very little surface damage.

PVA TePla America Microwave Plasma

PVA TePla America specializes in Microwave Plasma Systems for silicon and compound semiconductors.  Front-End solutions are available and include batch and single wafer systems for photoresist ashing and descum, as well as removal of polymers.

GIGAbatch 690 Solar
GIGAbatch 690 Solar

GIGA and GIGAbatch Series

The GIGAbatch series is the latest and most advanced generation of MW batch ashers offered today and is the successor to the very popular PVA TePa 300 Seies. These are used extensively for photoresist ashing, descum, wafer cleaning, and silicon nitride etching.

State-of-the-art process control in combination with microwave plasma generation are the key elements of the GIGAbatch family of products. Starting at very economic prices, the systems range from R&D tools to fully-automatic systems for high-volume production in Waferfabs up to 200mm. These Batch Plasma systems are can process all wafer sizes up to 6″ for Gigabatch 360 and up to 8″ Gigabatch 380. All models feature the hands-free door opening system for easy load and unload.


  • Removal of Polymers: standard photo resist, polyimide, SU-8
  • Chip Packaging
  • Wafer Metrology
  • Solar Cell Etching


GIGAfab Asyntis M GIGAbatch 360P 380P GIGAbatch 360 & 380 GIGAbatch 310 M GIGI 690 Solar GIGA_690 GIGA 80 Plus