NeoDry Series

Air-Cooled, Portable, Plug & Play Dry Pump



NeoDry Series

The NeoDry Series from Kashiyama are quiet, durable, air-cooled pumps that provide up to     3 years maintenance free operation. This results in a significant reduction in Cost of Ownership while maintaining excellent performance.

NeoDry Series Features

  • Maintenance Cycle: approximately 3 years when used with inert gases (Air, N2 …)
  • No Tip-Seal Replacement, No Performance Deterioration, No Particles
  • No Oil Smoke, No Chamber Contamination
  • Excellent choice for replacement of rotary scroll pumps
  • Can pump condensables like water vapor, with proper purging
  • Pumping performance unaffected by input frequency
  • Low Noise, Low Vibration

Short video with demonstration.