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Rotatable Magnetrons

Gencoa has a range of rotatable magnetrons, with each product providing unique benefits for the intended application. All deliver high performance and reliability, enhanced by utilizing Gencoa’s magnetic arrays supported by magnetic modelling and also available with Gencoa’s patented dual, low impedance magnetics where applicable.


Gencoa have developed a new type of small tube rotatable magnetrons – the Gencoa Rotatable System (GRS). GRS is different to all other designs on the market (patent pending) and allows easy retro-fitting into Gencoa standard planar magnetron sized flanges.

The GRS75 has been developed primarily to allow conversion of existing planar magnetron sputter systems to use rotatable technology. This is achieved by the narrow end-block ensuring the target length and uniformity matches the existing planar target length.

Online Rate Calculation

Take the guesswork out of configuring your new sputter system! Gencoa has developed an online software application to calculate deposition rates for all sputter processes and geometries – planar & rotatable targets, static or in-line moving substrates, pure, compound or reactive layers. (Link)