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Ion Sources

Linear ion sources by Gencoa are a robust and flexible means of pre-cleaning polymer and glass substrates prior to thin film deposition. The plasma jets generated impact the substrate to burn-off hydrocarbons and activate the surface to promote adhesion of the deposited film.

The intense plasma jets are generated by a combination of the magnetic and electrical field across a narrow gap through which the gas or gases pass. DC power modes can be applied with typical voltages in the 1.5-3kV range to provide a ‘high’ impact plasma pre-treatment. The use of pure argon gas generates the most effective plasma cleaning, but any combination of gases can be used. The plasma can also be used for deposition and polymerization via the gas phase. Gencoa ion sources have the unique feature of graphite anode and cathode protection to reduce the erosion of source to low levels. Graphite based hardware is standard in other types of plasma sources, but only Gencoa have it for the linear ion sources.