Magnetron Cathodes, Ion Sources and Reactive Process Controllers

Gencoa is a customer-focussed company providing expert solutions for the vacuum coating sector throughout the world. For more than twenty years, they have been perfecting their range of magnetron and plasma deposition components, in addition to the introduction of process control and sensing products.

Gencoa Solutions

Planar Magnetrons
  • Circular
  • Rectangular
  • Magnetic Options
  • Retrofit Magnetics
Rotatable Magnetrons
  • General Information
  • Magnetic Options
  • Mini-Rotatable GenSys 75
Ion Sources
  • Linear Ion Source
  • Circular Ion Source


Speedflo Reactive Process Controllers
  • Speedflo
  • Speedflo Mini


Effusion Cells
  • Pulsed Cracker Effusion Cell



Online Rate Calculation

Take the guesswork out of configuring your new sputter system! Gencoa has developed an online software application to calculate deposition rates for all sputter processes and geometries – planar & rotatable targets, static or in-line moving substrates, pure, compound or reactive layers. (Link)

IES & Gencoa

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