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Dektak Stylus Profilers

Reliability and Repeatability

Measuring step surface characteristics is a crucial process in a countless number of today’s high tech applications including semiconductor and industrial thin films, microfluidics and solar processing. Achieving better than 4ŏ repeatability at nanometer level resolution, the Dektak is your solution for applications requiring step height and roughness measurements, stress analysis, and 3D mapping. With over 10,000 units sold, the Dektak has earned its reputation as the standard for step height and stress measurements.

Key Applications and Features:

  • Excellent for thin film coatings, microfluidics, and solar cell applications
  • Stylus changing in minutes
  • Sub-nanometer resolution with 4ŏ Repeatability
  • Calibrated sensor head across all step heights

Take a Closer Look

Check out the Dektak’s design, software, and application features in this quick video…

Dektak XT

Since its original debut in 1967, the Dektak has evolved with research demands to keep up with  performance requirements. Currently in its 10th generation, the Dektak XT incorporates a single arch design, nanometer level resolution, and up to 40% faster scan speeds.

Dektak XTL

The XTL builds on the high standards of the XT, offering an enlarged analysis range. With a 350mm x 350mm sample stage, the XTL also incorporates pattern recognition, dual cameras, a load lock, and a high degree of automation, making it well suited for both large sample R&D and production environments.

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