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Transformative vacuum science starts here.

Since 1965, ANCORP has provided the high vacuum industry with high and ultra-high vacuum components and custom fabrications required by researchers, scientists, engineers and manufacturers worldwide. They focus on product innovation and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Every day, they are committed to solving the unique and ever-evolving challenges of its customers.

ANCORP offers everything from vacuum components to isolation valves to custom fabrications and chambers. If you rely on high vacuum, you can rely on ANCORP.

ANCORP Solutions



Our standard and custom fabricated components enable a variety of processes that produce integrated circuits, LEDs, and microelectronics. We continue to develop our products to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry.

Thin Film Deposition

Everything from polarized lenses on your sunglasses to solar panels to telescope mirrors, ANCORP products enable production of consumer goods, mirrors, lenses, storage devices, and industrial coatings.


ANCORP products are in use in educational, government, and industrial research labs throughout the world. If your work involves vacuum, we are ready to help.

Engineered Solutions For Real-World Success

High Vacuum Isolation Valves

ANCORP offers an assortment of high vacuum isolation valves including ball valves, poppet valves, gate valves, and related accessories. Their patented ball valve is an industry-leading product that has been carefully designed and refined to serve specific needs in various industries including harsh process CVD and PE-CVD applications.

Vacuum Hardware and Components

ANCORP offers an extensive inventory spanning over 3,000 vacuum hardware components including CF and wire seal, ISO and ASA flanges, fittings, adapters, feedthroughs, couplings, and more.

Custom Fabrications and Chambers

The ANCORP custom team works with you to design and build high and ultra-high vacuum chambers and fabrications to meet or exceed your application requirements. If you need something special, whether it be one or many, let’s talk about it, or send us a sketch of what you need and we’ll get to work.

We offer experience, support, and a commitment to helping our customers solve problems. Contact Us at IES Technical Sales for technical or sales assistance.