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Thermal Measurement Products

Sekidenko MXE High-Speed Pyrometer

High-speed measurement for precise control in dynamic processes
The Sekidenko MXE pyrometer combines speed and precision, enabling accurate, non-contact, repeatable measurement and control of demanding applications. Its high-speed (up to 10 kHz) performance is ideal for processes with moving targets, such as rotating susceptors. It is also extremely well suited for dynamic processes, including laser-based processing or rapid anneals. For easy integration and flexible control options, the MXE unit is remarkably compact and supports a variety of I/O protocols.

Sekidenko OR4000T and OR4000E Optical Fiber Thermometers & Emissometers

Advanced Energy® OR4000T and OR4000E multi-channel optical fiber thermometers (OFTs) provide industry-leading performance in non-contact temperature measurement for RTP, HDP-CVD, MOCVD, UV cure, and a variety of other semiconductor processes. The OR4000T model provides multi-channel capability and supports read rates up to 2 kHz for the most demanding semiconductor applications. The OR4000E model delivers high-speed performance like the OR4000T, with the added benefit of real-time emissivity compensation. Both models are modular in design and can be rapidly tailored to meet the unique requirements of each process application.

Sekidenko OR400M Optical Pyrometers

Advanced Energy’s OR400M Optical Pyrometer extends the flexibility of the Sekidenko product family into the mid-IR wavelength range, from 3.3 µm – 5.2 µm.  The OR400M offers a single-channel temperature measurement capability for thin-film solar, glass, and advanced semiconductor processes. The OR400M supports RS-232 and analog data interfaces. Because of its compact design, the OR400M can be easily integrated to meet the unique requirements of many process applications.

Sekidenko OR400T Optical Fiber Thermometers

The Advanced Energy® OR400T Optical Fiber Thermometer (OFT) extends the flexibility of the OFT product family with a cost-competitive, non-contact solution for several high-volume semiconductor applications, including PECVD, LPCVD, PVD, and metal etch. Because of its compact design, the OR400T can be easily integrated to meet the unique requirements of many process applications.

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