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Our RF generators and power-delivery systems, coupled with our Matching Networks, perform extraordinarily well in plasma-based thin-film manufacturing processes.


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Paramount RF Power Delivery Systems

Digitally controlled RF power supplies from 400 kHz to 60 MHz, and power from 1.5 to 8 kW, with frequency tuning, pulsing, and pulse synchronization. With full digital control and dynamic response to plasma changes, the Paramount®platform keeps you at the leading edge of process innovation.

CESAR RF Power Supplies

The robust and versatile Cesar® platform offers exceptionally consistent RF power-delivery performance, as well as a diverse selection of models, each with a unique set of features and capabilities (2, 4, 13.56, 27.12, and 40.68 MHz; 0.3 to 5 kW; with a variety of user interfaces and input options). This enables you to choose a unit suited specifically to your application—without lengthy custom-generator lead times.

High-quality components and a low part count maximize reliability and product lifetime, making the most of your investment—and your process productivity. A comprehensive, yet highly intuitive operating menu, accessible on the unit’s active front panel and displayed on a large LCD, provides unparalleled ease—increasing operator efficiency and minimizing training costs.

Navigator and Navigator II Digital Matching Network

The versatile Navigator®matching network’s advanced technology provides rapid, accurate, and reliable matching across a wide range of power requirements up to 30 kW and frequencies up to 60 MHz. Equipped with microprocessor-controlled stepper motor drives and advanced  tuning algorithms, the Navigator matching network provides greater consistency and accuracy than traditional analog-based tuning methods. The result is optimized RF power to semiconductor, solar, FPD, and MEMs manufacturing plasma processes, including etch, PECVD, PVD, and chamber clean applications. An optional internal Z’Scan® II RF sensor provides real-time measurement and analysis of process power and impedance, enabling you to identify and significantly reduce process variability. In addition, optional Virtual Front Panel (VFP) software enables you to monitor and command the matching network through a user’s computer.

Navio Digital Matching Network

Advanced Energy has extended its digital matching network platform to include simplicity yet high reliability in one of the most affordable matching networks on the market today. Available in multiple power ranges and frequencies, the Navio™ matching network leverages our proven power expertise to precisely match the complex impedance of a plasma to your desired tuning range—quickly, accurately, and repeatably. Choose from a standard offering or a configurable design to meet your specific requirements. Installation is virtually plug-and-play with AE’s RF power supplies, and monitoring and control is available with Virtual Front Panel (VFP) software.

Oviation RF Power Delivery Systems

The Ovation® fully-integrated, power delivery system enables faster, higher-precision processes, such as those required for demanding narrow-linewidth, dielectric etch processes, through the implementation of a unique power delivery scheme. It is the first to accurately deliver power into a non-50-ohm environment without an external sensor, reacting faster than traditional power supplies. The 60-MHz design reduces voltage potential across the plasma sheath, minimizing ion etch damage, thus improving film quality and yields.

GenCal RF Instrumentation System

The GenCal system provides industry-leading measurement accuracy at the discrete frequencies commonly used in the plasma process industry, and the same state-of-the-art hybrid power sensor technology used by AE’s R&D award-winning plasma impedance sensor. This optimized technology provides measurements in the presence of plasma-generated signals that have high harmonic content and noise with accuracy rates not currently available in other power measurement instruments.