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Advanced Energy


DC, AC & RF Power Delivery Systems

Advanced Energy Industries (AE), founded in 1981, is a leading global provider of critical subsystems for thin film processing and other applications including DC, AC, and RF power management, and power switching.


Advanced Energy Solutions

Thermal Measurement

Thermal Measurement

  • Sekidenko Pyrometers
  • Sekidenko Thermometers
  • Sekidenko OFTS & Emissometers

Power Control Modules

Power Control Modules

  • Power Controllers
  • Accessories


Advanced Energy Services


Plasma Diagnostics and Measurement Instrumentation

AE’s integrated technology solutions optimize the precision and productivity of vacuum process tools used in the manufacture of semiconductors, data storage products, flat panel displays and other advanced applications in multiple industry sectors.

Legacy Products

  • MDX & MDX II & MDX-L
  • RFX & RFX II & RFG
  • RF-5 & RF-10 & RF-20 & RF-30
  • Mercury

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