Residual Gas Analyzers (RGAs) are quadrupole mass spectrometers that provide for routine, fast, wide dynamic range measurements of the partial pressures of the species resident in your vacuum chamber or system. Vacuum levels can be analyzed from as low as 10-14 Torr to as high as 10-3 Torr depending on the type of analyzer design. Analysis at higher chamber pressures can be accomplished by connecting your RGA to a differential pumping system.

RGA Sensor

Applications include:

  • Vacuum chamber leak detection
  • Vacuum quality measurement and monitoring
  • Virtual leak detection (water, contaminants, cleaning agents, etc.)
  • Outgassing studies
  • Bakeout cycle/vacuum pump down monitoring

Measurement is accomplished by ionizing the gas molecules exposed to the sensor, sending the ions down a path with 4 high precision RF powered rods, then collecting and measuring the current produced by the ions of interest based on their mass to charge (m/e) ratio. Basically, the analyzer filters out what you don’t want to measure and allows what you do want to measure all the way through to the collector.

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